"Percepções Paralelas" is a project I created in 2015 in Brazil. The purpose of the project was to prove that photography is not only about the sight of the eye, but about all perceptions we use on our daily bases and to show how we can improve our perceptions when it comes to creating a photo.

The project consisted of an experiment, which was developed with a group of blind people and a group of sighted people that agreed to be blindfolded. 

The experiment was individual and each participant was suppose to take photographs without seeing. I gave them a full description of the local we were in and used techniques of hearing and speaking so that the participant could create an image on their mind. 

All the participants, after doing the experiment, gave a feedback about the project and all the feedback were positive and they described  it as “an amazing experience” and “something that they had never done before”.

In conclusion, I could prove that the act of photography itself is not only about what we see with our eyes, but the whole experience of creating a photo using all of our perceptions and imagination.

This project is one of the things- if not THE thing - I am most proud of in my life. Creating and executing this was absolutely incredible and is something I intend on continue someday.


Photos of the participants:

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"Puro" is a project created by me and an excellent group of photographers and friends. The project consisted in attending to an autism ONG, in the city of Balneário Camboriú, SC - Brazil, and introduce photography to a group of autistic kids.

We visited them for 1 month every Monday and during that time we prepared activities of Photography and also participated in their own activities.

It was an amazing and unique experience that changed the way I see life and made me grown as a person. The kids loved the experience and the result was fantastic, but I think me and my photographers friends were the most impacted group of the project, because we got to learn more from them then they from us. It was completely unique and we all are very thankful to this project.


Creators of the project:

Tamires de Lara
Ednilson Junior
Darina Briane
Luiz Roberto
Luiza Eberhardt

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